This is the stunningly beautiful lagoon of Paje.

one of the most pristine of the island fortunately not yet reached by mass tourism, offering kilometers of fine white sand stretching in both directions.
As the rest of the southeast coast it is highly tidal and that’s probably the reason why it has not yet (fortunately) been targeted by the large hotel chains. High and low tide occur every day at a different time so there can be days when high tide occurs in the central hours of the day and others when low tide does. At low tide, you won’t be able to have a swim without taking a 5 – 10 minutes stroll through the lagoon however at that time you will be able to walk very far into the lagoon and encounter some sea life such as starfish. It’s perhaps a good idea to check the tides calendar before booking to see if that works for you.

Tides have been regulating the life of the fishermen village since ever and still continue to do so. At high tide you can see fisherman leaving for the open sea, at low tide villagers fish octopus and squids in the lagoon while women harvest the seaweed which will be later converted into desirable organic soaps, scrubs and essential oil … an opportunity to see what life is really like along the southeast coast.

The landscape created by tides is exactly what makes this stretch of coast so beautiful, diverse and mind-blowing. Passing from high to low tide the lagoon keeps changing its aspect offering unexpected colourings and nuances which vary from transparent-white to turquoise, emerald and blue.

Finally the lagoon’s shallow and calm water are ideal for little kids.