You can either sit by the pool or on the beach all day for your entire stay or fill every day with the magic and discovery that you will find in all corners of Zanzibar. The island is rich with history, culture and natural wonders.

Paje is strategically located and in about an hour you can reach almost every part of the island. It takes approx. 20 minutes to get to Kizimkazi and go swimming with dolphins, again 20 minutes to the Jozani Forest, the tall forest that once covered most of the island; 30 minutes to Matemwe probably the best diving spot on the island and to Menai Bay where the blue safari among islets and sandbanks starts; 45 minutes to Stone Town which visit could also be combined with the spice tour or an excursion to prison island. It will take a little bit more than an hour to get to Nungwi the very northern tip of the island.

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What’s about exploring the island at you own pace ?
We can organize both car, scooter & bike rental. You will need either an international driving license or a permit that we can arrange for you, just let us know …

Bike & Snorkel

A half day guided excursion. Biking along the beach you will reach one of the best snorkeling spot in Zanzibar located about 10 km north from Paje. Leave your bike get into a boat and enjoy the sea and its sea life. After snorkeling, cycle back to Paje along the beach and through the traditional village of Bwejuu.
This is an easy, all flat, cycling but beware of the heat

Wild Biking

For the active ones, this half day excursion is a nice alternative way to visit the Jozani Forest which you’ll reach off-road and off the beaten tracks. The protected forest covers an area of about 10 sq. km between Chwaka and Uzi bay and along with the mangroves forest to North and the marshes to the south forms a rich set of different natural habitats. Once on site you will take a walk through the forest home to the endemic Columbus Red Monkeys. Cycle back to Paje along the main road.
For experienced off-road rider only. If you haven’t cycled long distance before, better choose another tour.

Biking southwards

A half-day tour visiting the undeveloped southeast coast where the atmosphere is still very laid back and people. The beautiful baobab trees, the little town of Makunduchi with its few colonial buildings, the patches of red soil and the big quinine trees will make you really feel in Africa. It’s a semi-long tour mostly off-road with lots of stops.

Biking through the village

explore the village life on mountain bike, visit some historic caves and ride on the beach (tides dependent). Easy, no experience required

Biking through Paje Forest

Explore Paje bush and forest on mountain bike riding a maize of single tracks sections, cross the village and return riding along the beach.
Quite easy, 2 hours, only off-road (beware of tracks with some coral outcrops).


This is an interesting alternative to any sea activity. The protected forest covers an area of 10 sq. km between Chwaka bay and Uzi bay and along with the mangroves forest to north and the marshes to the south, it forms a rich set of different natural habitats.

From the silence of the forest emerge the songs of its birds and animals: the Akelat; the green Babul of Zanzibar; the Zanzibari kingfisher, the Olive sunbird, the crowned
hornbill, the acute whistling of the endemic Columbus Red Monkeys.

the nearby butterflies center and the giant tortoises center, located nearby, might also be included in the excursion


Stone Town is one of the most important and fascinating historical cities in Eastern Africa: outpost of the Portuguese fleet; home to the Sultan of Zanzibar, who ruled over a huge portion of sub-Saharan Africa when caravan routes ran from Bagamoyo on the mainland coast deep into the heart of the continent trading for ivory, slaves and a variety of other exotic produce; British administrative center in the colonial era and today home to the governmental institutions of the federal state of Zanzibar.

The town has preserved its urban fabric consisting of a maze of alleyways, secret gardens and courtyards, historical buildings, colorful markets. In 2000 it became a World Heritage Site.
If you are confident and have already traveled to Africa you might prefer to explore the town on your own, even getting lost in the crazy maze of narrow street can be fun and rewarding.

If you are new to Africa then we suggest you take a guide. Stone town is also a decadent and highly dilapidated town suggesting that neither citizens nor institutions really care about and as such it can convey to the traveler a sense of insecurity. A guide will certainly help to sort that out.


Spices have long been a pillar of Zanzibar’s trade economy. They were introduced by the Chinese and Portuguese but it was the Omani sultan who fully developed the island potentiality making of Zanzibar the world’s single largest cloves producer and although this is no longer true nowadays Zanzibar has retained its name of Spice-Island.

The visit to a Spice plantation is definitely one of the most interesting tours in Zanzibar. It doesn’t only provide an introduction to the region’s history and heritage, it literally takes you into a new journey where all those powders that you’ll normally see lined up on a supermarket shelf become plants, flowers, roots, barks, colours, perfumes and flavours.

This is a half-day tour and can in case be combined with the visit of Stone Town or to Prison Island


This package combines the visit to a spice farm with a guided visit of Stone Town.
It’s a full day tour starting with the visit to the spice farm and continuing after lunch at the plantation with the visit of Stone Town. For more info see the description of the Stone Town tour and of the Spice Tour.


This little island lies just a few miles off Stone Town. It is fringed with a beautiful coral reef and it’s home to a population of giant Aldabran Tortoises. You can snorkel, relax by the beach, feed the tortoises and enjoy the view of Stone Town from the sea. There’s also a small restaurant on site.

The tour and can be combined with the visit of Stone Town or with the Spice tour.


This package combines the visit to Prison Island with a guided tour of Stone Town.
It’s a full day tour starting with Prison Island and continuing with the visit of Stone Town. It involves sailing, snorkeling, sunbathing, sightseeing. For more info see the description of the Stone Town tour and Prison Island tour.


Seeing, experiencing, smelling, tasting ! This full day trip combines sailing, snorkeling and sunbathing at Prison Island (where you also have the opportunity to meet the giant Aldabran Tortoises) with the visit to a Spice Farmwhere all those spices that we normally see lined up on a supermarket shelf become plant, flower, root, bark, colour, perfume and flavour.


A full immersion into nature !
After leaving Paje you will head to the western side of the coast where spices are grown. The kind of spices you can see and fruit that you can taste varies according to the season however these include species like cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, pepper, vanilla, cardamom and fruit like pineapple, mango, jack-fruit, doriani, passion-fruit, avocado, liches, … After lunch at the plantation you will reach the Jozani forest, a protected area covering about 10 sq. km between Chwaka bay and Uzi bay forming a rich set of different natural habitats that includes the tall tree forest on one side and the mangrove forest on the other side. Highlight of the forest are the endemic red colobus monkeys.


The most popular dolphin spotting location in Zanzibar is Kizimkazilocated on the Southwest coast. Several bottle-nose dolphins stay at Kizimkazi all year-round. Humpback dolphins might also be encountered but not regularly, they are also much more shy than bottle-nose.

Dolphins come to these coastal shallow waters to feed, nurse their calves, rest and socialize. Best time to spot them is early in the morning when the water is still cool.

Swimming with dolphins is certainly one of the most fascinating experience in life however we have to warn you that in high season the number of boats literally chasing them can be quite high which translates into distress both for the dolphins and you, especially if you really care for nature.

For that reason we only arrange dolphins tour with private boat. If you see that conditions are not ideal then you can just change your plan and spend your time swimming and sailing along the coast.

We also need to warn you that sightings aren’t guaranteed, let’s say 80% success rate.



The surrounding of Mnemba island, off the north-eastern coast of Zanzibar is considered one of the best, if not the best, snorkeling and diving spot of the island. The variety of sites offer the possibility to sight interesting coral gardens, reef fish, barracuda, ray, moray eels, reef shark, sea turtles and occasionally dolphins but the list is much wider than that ….


Jump into the turquoise !
Explore the lagoon just off the beach with our captain Choro and his n’galawa, a traditional Zanzibar boat. Sailing is tides dependent and need to be planned accordingly.


Buccanneer Diving Centre, located on the beach about 300 m on the left offers group trips to the above destinations as well as diving trips to Kizimkazi an interesting area to encounter pelagic species such as dolphins, reef sharks, hammerhead sharks, gray and black tip reef sharks, rays, stingrays, manta rays, whales (between Aug and Sep), whale sharks (between Nov and Mar).


A trip to discover the beautiful marine landscapes studded with small atolls and islets, marine caves and sand banks re-emerging for a few hours from the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

The safari can begin at Fumba or Menai bay a wonderful Marine conservation area often frequented by dolphins and the day will be devoted to snorkelling and relaxing on white temporary beaches.

This is a full-day trip on a private boat inclusive of traditional Zanzibari lunch based on grilled fish, rice cooked in coconut water, seafood and exotic fruits, beverages (except alcoholic drinks). At sunset you will we return sailing through a forest of mangroves.