That’s the place to be when you want to enjoy yoga while being on holiday on a tropical island

We offer two classes every day except on Sunday
Sesonal closure 2023: April 24 to May 31.

Ashtanga Mysore Style

90 mins

This class is Mysore Style which means that each student in the group is taught individually according to his/her level, readiness and ability. Beginners will start practicing the 1st series, advanced can practice the intermediate and 2nd series.

Ashtanga Yoga is a rigorous, active, dynamic, energetic, sweaty, physically demanding practice that follows a specific sequence of poses (Asana) that are linked by flowing movements (Vinyasa) and that requires synchronization between breath and movements (Pranayama).

The class is hold at the yoga studio in the garden.
It start at 8:00 and ends at 09:30

The class is hold at the beach terrace.
It start at 7:30 and ends at 09:00

Vinyasa- Flow

75 mins

This is a led class.

Like Ashtanga, also Vinyasa flow consists of a traditional series of postures that are linked by flowing movements but unlike the rigorous Ashtanga, Vinyasa yoga allows to vary the pace between poses and more freedom in building the sequences. As such, this lesson is much less intense than the morning one. The emphases during this class will be on specific postures in order to work on hip opening, back bends, stretching and balance.
This class is always given at the Shala in the hotel’s garden.

from 17:15 to 18:30

from 11:30 to 12:45

Our Yoga Teachers

Carolina Riera
Carolina loves Zanzibar and we love her. She has been with us from June 2021 to April 20, 2022 and again from September 2022 to November 2023.

She has been a student of Ashtanga Yoga since 1998 and has been teaching since 2010. She is also a dance teacher and was a professional dancer in her home country Chile as well as in Cuba with the National Ballet.

Carolina has studied with many teachers of Ashtanga, e.g. Richard Freeman, Lino Miele, Laruga Glaser, David Garrigues, and Matthew Vollmer among many others.
She is a certified Trauma Yoga teacher, a Zen practitioner, as well as a Vedic chanting and Yoga Philosophy student. She has attended yoga courses for scoliosis, pranayama and anatomy.

“Over the years and guided by the knowledge and generosity of my teachers, Ashtanga Yoga has become a journey of self-understanding and a fundamental tool to walk through life”.

Viviana Vilaros
Viviana will be with us from June to August 2022.

She got graduated in Philosophy, in Barcelona, and after some time, her curiosity to understand the human body in all its layers, brought her to study as well Chinese Traditional Medicine and the Daoist practices which gave her a very precious knowledge of the energetic body and how to harmonize it.

She started practicing Yoga 20 years ago and her path, since then, has been centred in deepening the different aspects of this ancient tradition. She practices Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Vinyasa Krama, and also into meditation. She has been learning with Rolf Naujokat, Dona Holleman and T. K. V. Desikachar among other several teachers.

Since 2007 she has been living for long term periods in India studying as well yoga philosophy, Indian classical music and dance.
We are looking forward to have her back!

Swami Umesh Yogi
When here with us in Zanzibar, he is largely a guest teacher who can fill in while the class is being led by the in-house teacher.
Yoga comes from Swami’s family lineage’s tradition. He has been teaching yoga since 1998 and has been involved in yoga since childhood. Now he travels different countries in Europe, India and the Unites States. His courses include yoga asana, transcendental meditation, vedic philosophy, healing hand, pranayama sadhana and Peace Education.

Dikla has been working with us from Nov 2018 to Mar 2021

Her classes embrace all aspects of yoga, including the Yoga philosophy. She started practicing in India in 2003 and since then she never stopped to teach and study Yoga. She teaches Ashtanga-Vinyasa, Vinyasa flow, Yoga Therapy. She studied and practiced with many truly wonderful teachers around the world such as Jamey Marks, David Swenson, Danny Paradise, John Scott, Maty Ezrati, Richard Freeman, Chuck Miller, Swami Umesh-Yogi, Gilad and Miri Harovi, Dr. Gil Solverg, Laruga Glaser and many more.

Dikla has been a wonderful teacher and amazing asset. We wish her all the best.

Jamey Marks
In Dec 2018 we had that special Ashtanga-Vinyasa work shop with Jamey.

Jamey studied yoga at the Purple vally in Goa with Julie Martin and with John Scott in New Zealand. American by birth, he is now bringing peace and yoga to the palestinian children

Jamey is a wonderful person, full of care and love.

Ilse Van Der Walt
Ilse has been with us from Nov 2016 to Nov 2018

Ilse, has been trained in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga styles. She is registered with the International Yoga Alliance and completed a 5-month intensive work-study exchange in Ayurveda Yoga Therapy with Janesh Vaidya in Kerala, India in 2016.
Her classes are focused on correct alignment and body awareness.
Ilse has a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and has explored different kinds of plant medicines, fasting and detox methods. She has a passion for nutrition, healing through food, and healthy lifestyle.

Ilse has been a wonderful person to have around and we all miss her. She moved on to form her family in Peru, in the Sacred Valley of Incas.



USD 15 per class
30 Days unlimited USD 300

USD 20 per class
– Subject to availability –
in-House guests have priority
Ashtanga – 60 min
USD 50 per class
8 days / 7 nights + 6 yoga classes
13 days / 12 nights + 18 yoga classes